Current Date: July 8, 2020
Bikram Neupane Posted on 2:06 pm

[UPDATED] Recover Deleted Files from Android “2020”

As we know and see many posts about recovering
data and files from laptops and desktop. What about mobile phones???
Yes, it is also an easy task to recover data and media files from mobile phones.

Without wasting our precious time by writing(me) and reading(you)
I am going to list in short.

Samsung Galaxy J8, Mid-Range King?

How to protect your files from getting deleted?
Without explaining its details I am listing its procedures as:

1.Download Dumpster.
2. Install and open it.
3. To check, delete any useless files.
4. Then open dumpster. wow its there.
5. To restore that open and restore or delete permanently.
6. You can also select the type of files to recover from the menu

Have a good recovery day!!


To recover lost files or deleted files from the internal storage of android phones
we need to set it in Debugging mode.

Debugging mode process:

  1. Go to settings>Applications>Development> USB Debugging and turn it ON.
  2. Connect the mobile to your PC via USB cables.
  3. Select the USB and connect storage to PC.
  4. Launch Active@ File recovery softwarethe storage media will recognize your device as another drive where we can scan for lost or deleted files.

Note: Device should be removed safely and USB debugging mode should be turned off.

Comment your experience below!!!

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