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Take Amazing Photos with your Smartphone “2020”

These days smartphone can take photos as good as DSLR cameras, that’s why the category has faded in recent year to make room for extra high-end models like the virtual SLR’s.

The best smartphone has sensors which are simply advanced to first level cameras, at the same time it has fast chip-sets and high operating system which allows for a stage of processing that’s tough to cram right into a point and shoot.

However, that doesn’t imply every image taken on a phone is a stunner. There are a few simple things you can do and dramatically improve your smartphone images. Whether or not its taken photos of dramatic landscapes on vacation or taking better selfies for Instagram.

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Here are some useful tips to get even better photos through your smartphone.

Managing focus and exposure


When we are shooting in auto modes, a smartphone still gives you manipulate over the most important elements of your photos. the first factor is the point of focus. We don’t have to worry while shooting the far-away landscapes
because the phone automatically uses the infinity focus. But the focal point affects focus as well as the exposure.
most of the smartphone automatically increase the brightness of the images to make the subject bright and clear.
Most of the smartphone modes have the exposure sliders that appear through the focus point or allows you to select your desired spot for the focal point.
If the phone doesn’t have the good HDR mode then we have to look for the overexposure. Some auto modes also have an exposure slider that appears by the focus point.

Try a new angle


We can’t aspect to have great photos through the same angle. We have to try each and every angle to get the best photos.
Also, we can move our camera position to up down left or right to find the best angle.
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Use HDR for sunset images


The best photos can be captured during the sunrise or the sunset. we can get the best light with the natural HDR feature.
The golden orange, red and yellow part of the sky are very bright but the lower part seems darker.
If your phone has an HDR mode than switch it on rather than the auto mode. So that we can use the full extent of its dynamic range power.
The smartphone-like google pixel 3 uses the google AI power to compose a picture from several different shots which help to get detail of the darkest part of the images and the brightest.

Know the manual mode


Manual mode is the best thing in the phones that offers more control over pictures. We can control exposure, white balance, ISO sensitivity, and manual focus.
With the help of manual focus, we don’t have to struggle with the close-up objects and easily capture macro-style images.
We can also slow down the shutter speed for the low light photos.
Use of tripod help to shoot exposure up to 30 seconds for the night photography.
Shooting photos in daylight with the fast shutter speed doesn’t make our photos blurry.
Another most important thing is ISO, which controls the sensitivity of the sensor.

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Use background blur modes


We are familiar with this kind of model with the portrait mode in smartphones.
we can take portrait photos with the phone having multiple rear cameras or with the advanced software.
For a better result, the subject should be around 1.5 meters away.

Comment down below some of your best photography ideas.

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