[FIXED] How To Delete Old Tweets in Bulk “2020”

Here we can learn how we can delete all tweets and retweets or we can completely restart the twitter account.
For this, we will use this popular tool called Circleboom.
Here we can use the Circleboom tool from the web browser.

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We have to sign in and link your Twitter account. It takes a few minutes to sync your account.

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Once you are on the dashboard we see like this.

It offers a lot of things to manage your Twitter account.

But now we will go to the tweets.

Here in the tweets, we can get different options like
1. Unlike the tweets.
2. Delete retweets
3. Delete tweets
4. Delete tweets archive.

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Here we can also search the tweets and delete that.

We actually create the archive of the twitter history and we upload the file to Circleboom.

And to do this we need to go to twitter profile and go to the ‘More’ option after that go to ‘Setting’ and Privacy’ and then ‘Account‘.
After that, we will find the option to download an archive of your data.
And then we have to request archive and after that twitter will create the archive of your twitter profile.

Twitter will send you the email and we can download the file and after that follow the given steps:

Step 1.  Unzip the archive on your computer.
Step 2.  Find the file named “Tweet.js” in the folder.
Step 3.  Upload your “Tweet.js” file by using the below area.
Step 4.  Select your deletion criteria like “delete RTs, delete tweets from 2010, etc
Step 5.  Give us your approval and call it a day.

We also can search for all the keywords and review them and delete those selected tweets.

I hope you get success. Cheers…Peace…Stay Safe!!!

You require permission from SYSTEM to delete this folder (Windows) FIXED!!

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