[Top] New OnePlus 6T Features


Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is going to release its smartphone¬† OnePlus 6T. They have claimed to be the phone of the year 2018. The company’s main goal was to design a smartphone that would balance high-end quality at a lower price than other phones in its class. Let’s see what new OnePlus has added to their new OnePlus 6T.


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New Display: OnePlus 6T will have an all-new display with the front display design. At the top of the display, there will be a water droplet notch.

Camera: There are not many changes to the camera. Comes with dual cameras similar to OnePlus 6. The back of the phone has clean looks only with cameras, as like the previous phones.

OnePlus has tried the future trend of having an in-display fingerprint scanner with its latest display. The first smartphone to use the in-display fingerprint scanner was Vivo v11.  This mobile will also have the fastest facial scanner.


Battery: It will have a 3700mah power battery, which is much bigger than the previous OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6T will have the latest android version, Android 9.0 pie.
The latest Gorilla Glass 6 will be in the OnePlus 6T which is 2 times better than the GG5.
We will also get Wireless Bullet Headset as there will not be any Headphone Jack (sad).

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