[WARNING] Avoid This Things In GOOGLE

What is Google?

Google is the search engine that can be used to find various information such as pictures, maps, websites queries, etc.  It uses a computer program known as “web crawler” that looks at the billions of websites available in the world wide web (WWW) and examine their content to find keywords.


Benefits of Google
-Instant Answer
-We can search for images, news, maps, etc
-provide a suggestion if misspelled
-Can limit our search to the limited place or areas

What to avoid in Google?
Google has become more popular these days. We can get every query answer in the google. Google facilitated with every solution
and becomes our virtual teacher, doctor, motivator and all most everything.
But still, there is something that can be dangerous to ask with google.

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Here are some of the list to avoid Google:

1. Avoid searching for food with disease name(cancer).
Google mainly knows two things 1. Causes of disease and 2.Prevention
of disease. Google can show the 1% chance of cause of disease with every food
and warn us to avoid that food.

2. Avoid becoming a doctor on Google.
There are many symptoms which could match with many diseases so our minor problems
can end with the deadly disease. So it is better to check up with the doctor
rather than consulting with google doctor.

3. Avoid searching for how to make a Bomb.
This kind of search could take your way to the Jail. Due to the terrorist
activities in the world, police record these kinds of keywords. SO avoid these search.

4. Avoid searching for how to abort a child.
Google doesn’t provide any simple solution. And we know how dangerous any abortion
can be. So stop searching and prefer consulting with doctors.

5. Avoid Child porn.
It is totally illegal to make and view child porn. If those videos are searched or
viewed then our IP address can be traced and will prosecute.

So these are the things which should not be searched on google.
If you guys know more than comment down below.

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