[UPDATED] Recover Deleted Messages,Images From Facebook

Get History of Your Facebook Life.

Today we are going to share the most searched query in the google. Sometimes we accidentally delete messages and sometimes intentionally. Whatever the cause be we can easily recover all those messages from Facebook.
Not only the messages but we can recover all the posts, comments and photos too.  All the history of our Facebook can be downloaded and viewed easily.

At first, we need to open our Facebook from the chrome or any other browser and then click the three dots at the top right corner of the browser.
At the bottom, we must tick the “Request desktop site”. After that, we can see our Facebook as like in the desktop.

Things to Avoid in Google !!!

The main process will start from here.

1. Click on the top right corner of the page which is in the arrow form.
2. After that, we can see the “Setting” option and then click.
3. We can see in the middle of the page “Download a copy” and click that link.
4. After that a page will open in which we can see “Download archive” and we have to click.
5. If the download didn’t start then open the respective mail account.
6. Two mail will appear, in the second mail a link will be provided and we have to click that link and will be redirected to our Facebook page.
7. Same option “Download archive” will appear which we have to click, after that we need to re-enter our Facebook password and submit.
8. The download option will appear which will be downloaded in the zip file.
9. Open the downloaded zip file.
x. Click the “Html” option and then “timeline.htm”
xi. “BOOM”

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All the data will appear.
You can check all the option seen on the screen.
Hope you guys achieve what you wish to receive.


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