[Easy] Remove Password On Zip File “2020”

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You will carefully download some programs from the web to crack the zip file ‘s password. Install the antivirus on your computer before you do this. Since viruses can be mounted on your computer in these applications. Only small passwords can be broken most of the free software. If anyone offers you free software for password cracking, this is a malware that takes your personal information.

It only takes a couple of hours to guess your password for most of the free cracking software but it is not true. Depending on how large your password is, this process can last days.

When your computer is sluggish, make it fast, as it takes maximum computing power. You can close all running background programs to increase your processing speed if you believe this program is not working correctly on your processing. Large applications can prevent your processes, such as Photoshop Video Games or Video Editing Software.

As I mentioned above, both free software and paid software are available. This program is a bit tricky because it is installable free of charge, so please read the full article carefully.

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How to remove zip file password with free software

It is the free command-line based application for the presentation we use John the Ripper tools

  • To download the software first go to the  in your computers web browser and then download the John the Ripper 1.8.0-jumbo-1 (Windows binaries, ZIP, 34 MB) link near the bottom of the page.
  • After downloading the software double click on the downloaded zip folder and extract it.
  • This software cannot be installed like a normal program but you can install it on your desktop by moving its folder and renaming it to John.
  •  After that, copy your zip file then go to the John folder and open the “run” folder, click a blank space and then paste your zip file here.
  •  Open the command prompt and type cd desktop/john/run and hit the enter
  •  Now enter the run command by typing zip2john.exe > name.hash make sure to replace the name with your zip folder name.
  • Now define your ZIP File hash like name.hash were the name is your hash file.
  •  Let’s begin with cracking the password type in john.exe –pot=name.pot –wordlist=john/run/password.lst name.hash and press enter

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Now the software will compare the password of your zip folder to your database. Password.lst files contain a list of passwords for both the name.pot and the name.ash with your zip folder name.

You can then type name.pot and press enter to reveal your zip folder password after the password has been broken with the program, the completed message is displayed at the bottom of the command prompt.

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How to remove zip file password with paid software

Here is the same software recommended by us:

Paid software provides you more features rather than free ones such as cracking large and special character passwords and being a user-friendly interface.

Doubleclick to open the program and then use the browser to choose your zip file when this program is installed. Some software also provides drag and drop functionality.
In most cases, the brute force and dictionary options are open, but the dictionary option is better according to me.
Click on the Start button and wait until the file cracks, as I said earlier, it can take a few days or weeks for you to crack. The time to crack is based on your password.

The software will alert you when the password fails, which will help you open the zip file.

Avdul Khan

Avdul Khan

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